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A real human bean. Video game enthusiast. Haunted by strange dreams on a regular basis and doesn't afraid of the command line.

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23 May 29 (#37)

I'm aware that some writers entitle themselves authoritatively as "thought leaders", and that corporations anticipate using AI to generate massive amounts of writings.

(Considering the consequences of AI thought leaders.)

#misc [2/2]

23 May 27 (#36)

I came across a blog post:

I was reminded of how I wanted my writing to show up under certain keywords in a search engine index.

I learned for the first edits it didn't because I wrote "(keyword)" on the heading but not in the paragraph. Therefore, I added a sentence just to use the keyword in the paragraph.

Then I sat back, re-read what I wrote, and couldn't help but think I made my writing more robotic and less human. Because a human looking at the page would infer the purpose of the section by the heading. The extra sentence in the paragraph was, if I wasn't writing for a machine to add onto an index, unnecessary.

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23 May 26 (#35)

When I first saw a graph on the #fediverse indicating that homosexual or bisexual adolescents more often than heterosexuals were impregnanted or had impregnated someone, I took it as a joke and figured the teenagers confused themselves at some point during puberty.

Then I had the thought that exclusive heterosexuality could be less fit than being bisexual or homosexual under certain conditions if sexual attractions or repulsions that comprise orientation had genetic factors.

The interpretation I had drawn from the "mouse utopia experiment" before was that reproductive success was contingent on the capability to acquire resources, secure shelter, and form social connections more so than sexual orientation. (The mice did not have shelter from each other.)

So I wondered what do the community of those who are "involuntarily celibate", mostly NEET, have few real life social contacts, and have publicized ostensively their frustrations with the opposite sex, have to say on any related topic.

23 May 25 (#34)

I scrolled through my #fediverse bookmarks again. A bookmark off the pile from last year (again) is about #covid19 and ivermectin.

This time the entity screenshotted is the @US_FDA ✓

"Why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19"

Contrasted with a later statement:

Regarding ivermectin, I recall there was an Australian researcher at a university that was investigating the potential use of ivermectin in treating COVID-19. Maybe this is it.

23 May 24 (#33)

On the #fediverse people love to post Twitter screenshots. A popular theme of screenshots is to juxtapose two tweets made by an individual Twitter user with a blue checkmark, to highlight a flippy-floppy. Screenshots are however easy to fake.

In many cases, the screenshots don't come with links. Generally I bookmark the post and check it out later, but this has resulted in a huge backlog of posts. So here is one off the backlog.

The post depicts a Twitter user by the handle of @RBReich. Never heard of this guy until this screencap came onto my timeline. In this case, the flip-flop relates to the quote, "if you don't like it, go somewhere else" regarding the right to deny service.

I decided to search the text to check if the posts are real, and they are. (left) (right)

23 May 19 (#32)

Yesterday, one of the objectives I recovered was Mad Lab. I have no idea what to call this area, but the Access Controller is on the walkways near the bottom of the map (second image).


23 May 17 (#31)

I referenced #warframe fandom wikia's page for Lotus quotes. I just wanted to check if they documented the exact lines the Lotus says when she detects The Silver Grove. (They actually don't.) The page was unresponsive and took so long to load, I just closed the tab and went over to a proxy that strips out all scripts and styles.

23 May 17 (#30)

My opinions of The New War questline in Warframe. (Which was written before I had the microblog.)

#warframe #__blog__

23 May 14 (#29)

I deleted my dreams for May and put them in here:

#dream #__blog__

23 May 13 (#28)

"So who did bomb that pipeline?" (Nordstream)

#fediverse poll

23 May 13 (#27)

Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals


23 May 11 (#26)

I think there are too many consecutive posts about dreams. So I'll post about a game I didn't beat as a child.

I remember trying to cross a river without having to pay $5 and failing, and getting my character killed because a bullet richocheted back off a rock or tree in the hunting mini-game.

I find the game much easier to beat now. What's still hard is not to have an NPC die to dysentery or snakebites.


23 Apr 30 (#25)

A few night ago I had a #dream I was wearing portable helicopter rotors on a backpack. It actually worked and flew. My friend and I were flying around airplane-height and playing around with a quadcopter drone. I however was around 50 feet in altitude lower.

I had a shitty, half-broken flying machine that dipped every now and then. I didn't have a parachute and for whatever reason, I didn't think falling from the current altitude would be lethal.

I had airbender powers to drift on the wind and ascend, but the backpack was a bit of a hindrance for some moves.

My friend and I however were later caught by the police and forced to go to a public high school. I had ended up in a classroom taught by a psychotic language arts teacher. We had a surprise field trip, and she led the class into a strange shed that had helicopter rotors on the wall.

After every student had entered the shed, she promptly left to turn on the rotors in an attempt to kill everyone. I however managed to break the glass of the window and escape.

23 Apr 21 (#24)

I took a nap after work and had a #dream about Kagome Hirugashi from Inuyasha no longer being able to use her time-traveling well to visit the feudal era of Japan. She was trapped in post-apocalyptic, totalitarian Japan, but still practices spirituality with the white-haired, three-quarters-yokai-one-fourth-human modern descendant of her teammate from the feudal era (Sango). While there are no demons to kill in the modern era, Kagome tracks and collects anomalies in order to piece together the mysteries of space and time. But whenever she does so, she risks arrest by impinging upon various laws set by draconian government.

The anomaly Kagome had to track down for today was a straightforward investigation of an abandoned building in an ashen desert. She decided not to interfere with her day job and collect it after work. However, if anything went wrong and things took longer than anticipated, she risked breaking curfew.

So the building Kagome had to investigate looked much like her old family home, but there was a lot of property damage. Anything that was wooden was burnt black. She had no problem collecting the anomaly which was a magic sphere with unusual patterns on its surface. But just before she got into her car to drive back, the death squads of Warframe from the Perrin Sequence and Cephalon Suda teleported in and started fighting each other. So Kagome had to frantically avoid the crossfire and immediately gtfo.

23 Apr 19 (#23)

I had a #dream some time ago about sitting in the backseat of a car and invisibly listening to a conversation between a lawyer and his client. The lawyer has an unusual and sometimes tenuous relationship with his client. They were supposedly carpooling home from something. A word I had heard was "manchildren".

This dream was odd because I also felt connected to my real life body. I was as conscious as laying on the bed with my eyes closed, but I saw the dream so vividly it was just like seeing something in real life.

When the car ride had ended, I stepped out to the front yard of entirely green grass, and saw a light blue three-story house that was showing its age. As I was conscious, I had decided I wanted something sexy to happen. However, instead of anything sexy, some kind of Eurasian steppe nomad NPC from Mount and Blade appeared from nowhere and started attacking me.

This dream started to feel like Half Life or 2000s era first-person melee combat. So stepping forward and backpedaling was an effective way to avoid getting hit. I wanted to get rid of the NPC attacking me, but for whatever reasons, I couldn't get myself to directly attack him. I failed to imagine myself a weapon or sword to fight back, but I had successfully imagined a lightning strike from above to make him disappear.

23 Apr 02 (#22)

23 Apr 02 (#21)

I had a #dream I saw my deceased pet alive again. I don't recognize the building we were in. But I did have to check-in with a receptionist regarding his condition. I can't recall the words we exchanged.

I had his best friend with me too. When I saw my deceased pet, one of his eyes was sunken (like the state of his corpse before I had to bury him). He seemed happy regardless.

23 Apr 02 (#20)

I didn't recall this #dream until the morning of the day after. I had a dream about an unusual version of Devil May Cry 4. The entire scenario and story-related events was completely reordered and reset.

In this version, the protagonist Nero doesn't investigate a cathedral past an icy mountain pass; instead he investigates a crypt in a gloomy dark forest. He does this much sooner in the game, and there were very little upgrades available.

Kind of like the Burial Grounds in Diablo II, the crypt only had a small lobby before the stairs leading to all the underground stone coffins. Without disturbing anything or killing demons, Nero encounters the two bosses from the game Agnus and Sanctus practicing necromancy.

The second player character Dante then abruptly busts down a wall to tell Nero to escape. The red demonic barriers start spawning, and Dante and Nero fight the low-tier demons on their way to the surface.

23 Mar 30 (#19)

A few nights ago I had a weird #dream about Teshin from Warframe reincarnating to a parallel universe as a classy half-French half-African businessman with a point mustache. He had connections to Hell, and he was alive during the historical event that was both the French Revolution and The Witch Hunts (Bayonetta).

During such an event, despite his business with Umbran Witches, Teshin was not under suspicion by the French revolutionaries. He associated with them in order to relay information back to Hell and assist the evacuation of demons and witches.

One of Teshin's real estate properties was a cabin on a small island in the middle of a lake, and he allowed the revolutionaries to use it for meetings. One of the pending discussions was how to structure society after the revolution.

In the crowd, I had said "communism" wasn't a real economic theory and was as valid as "capitalism" which had made one of the speakers mad. The crowd got riled up. I thought this meant I was going to get guillotined. So I ran out and summoned a magic hang glider that looked like dragonfly wings to escape. Finally, I flew by a misty mountain over to the Demon Forest and crossed the border between the Human World and Hell.

A whole 200 years later, Teshin is somehow still alive and has never aged. Teshin randomly summons me to the Human World from a summoning circle with a blanket put over it. I had a strong feeling I was summoned in my underwear which is what the blanket was for.

23 Mar 21 (#18)

I had a #dream that a software engineer working a remote job was having issues with an uncooperative junior-level co-worker, so he asked me to fill-in for their work. The only thing I really had to do was render a page based on JSON data from a server. Which was trivial.

After I finished that, I left home and drove to visit my friend at an unusual phase of the day. The time on every clock was afternoon hours, but the sky itself was as dark as night. There was so much rain that water started pooling on the streets.

My friend lived in an unrealistic tower with a veranda at the roof. When I had met up with him, he was headed to the roof for some reason even though I told him I didn't want the wind to blow rain onto me.

After I followed him up, he had drawn a sigil on the ground like the transmutation circles from Full Metal Alchemist, and he conducted a ritual to transform a cat into a dog.

I think this dream was about an hour and 30 minutes long.