Le 30 avril, l'etudiants à l'UCLA ont protesté le guerre sur Gaza. Mais les manifestants en favorable à Israel ont attaqué les tentes installées.

Violence erupted at the University of California, Los Angeles on Tuesday night, after pro-Israel demonstrators attempted to forcibly dismantle an encampment of dozens of tents set up by pro-Palestinian protesters who have been camping on the school's Dickson Plaza, a central green space on campus.

Un manifestant favorable à Israel est identifié comme un soldat en service actif de l'Israel. Un internaute signale le département de police de Los Angeles a refusé d'arrêter le soldat étranger qui a failli tuer trois protestataires.

BREAKING: LAPD refuse to arrest FOREIGN SOLDIER who nearly killed 3 protesters during the UCLA encampment last week. Eliran Bismut[h] (sic) pictured below is an IDF soldier who attacked pro Palestine protestors with metal rods and 2x4's on the UCLA campus.

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For the past week, I attempted to get Spectral Fists Specialist, an achievement-quest in Halls of Torment. That and Lightning Strike Specialist took me more tries than usual.

For those two quests, I had to forgo selecting other abilities. In every other case previously, I took advantage of any tome or scroll I could get. So these quests indicate it is entirely possible to playthrough a level with only one ability.

The quest Spectral Fist Specialist was driving me crazy at some point. The criteria:

Hit 500 enemies for 25,000 damage or more. Overkill damage counts.

I was starting to doubt whether I had to hit a group of 500 enemies such that the damage sums to at least 25,000, or that I had to hit for 25,000 damage 500 individual enemies.

  if (spell_damage * enemies_hit >= 25,000 
  and enemies_hit >= 500)
    then complete quest;


  if (spell_damage >= 25,000) 
    then eligible_hits +=1;
  if (eligible_hits >= 500) 
    then complete quest;

It is the latter though. I triggered quest completion during a boss fight when there were sparse spawns.

Making progress on Halls of Torment. Each character has a set of related quests. The quests aren't stories; they usually follow the format of "Deal x damage with a skill within one run".

So far I played

  • Ranger
  • Swordsman
  • Cleric
  • Warlock
  • Sorceress
  • Norseman

Of them, I did 100% of the quests for Warlock and Sorceress. I'm one quest off for Cleric, meaning I either need to find a way to turn off her health regen or to play for 20 minutes without taking a single hit.

I've been playing Halls of Torment.

The Cleric is very strong. She deals 2000 damage with her Holy Sceptre meanwhile Swordsman deals 100 damage with his Zweihander. Additionally, the Cleric applies the debuffs Fragile and Affliction. The two debuffs respectively increase damage taken by 5% from Direct Attacks and Effects.

Before I unlocked the Cleric, the first level gave me some trouble. It took me at least 5 tries (maybe 10, lost count) to beat the first level. Then after unlocking the Cleric, it took me 1-2 tries to beat subsequent levels.

Also screenshotted the Warlock, who deals 45 damage with Ravaging Spectres.

J'ai vu un vidéo "They Want GamerGate 2" par Kneon et Geeky Sparkles (Clownfish TV). "They" (ils) sont les journalistes de jeu qui travaillent a les médias d'entreprise.

Dans le vidéo, Kneon et Geeky Sparkles supposent que les journalistes de jeu voudraient un deuxième "GamerGate" parce que les journalistes ont désespérément pour les visites de pages (@4:50). Le vidéo discute un articlé par NicheGamer aussi.

American tax dollars are now going to defending Sweet Baby inc. in the wake of backlash to an employee’s harassment campaign against a Steam user (Kabrutus).

Niche Gamer Staff, Government-funded non-profit defends Sweet Baby Inc., https://nichegamer.com/government-funded-non-profit-defends-sweet-baby-inc/

L'argent des impôts américains est alloué pour défendre Sweet Baby inc. après un réaction d'un campagne de harcèlement d'un employe contre un utilisateur de Steam (Kabrutus).

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ils ne s'arrêtent pas...

Consultant en développement de jeux Richie de Wit promet détruire les carrières de employé de compagne de jeu vidéo si ils critiquent les politiques de DEI (diversité, égalité, inclusion)


Mark Kern (ancien chef d'équipe pour World of Warcraft) a fait une capture d'écran un poste de @richiedewit.

I love it when they reveal that “yes, it’s true, we ARE forcing DEI crap into games OR ELSE YOU WILL NEVER WORK HERE AGAIN!”

This is exactly what we are talking about, Richie. Thanks for taking the mask off and confirming everything.

@Grummz (Mark Kern, former World of Warcraft Team Lead) on X, https://nitter.poast.org/Grummz/status/1768290156149457083#m

I’ve been seeing more and more hateful Gamergate-esque opinions. I want be clear on where I stand. I won’t tolerate any harassment, violence, or threats towards devs, minorities, and women in our industry in any space that I own or have control over.

I don’t care about your opinions and won’t go into discussions with you. I’m not interested in explaining to you how little you know of the workings of our industry, and I will report and block your account.

@richiedewit on X, compte verrouillé

Le poste de @richiedewit semble être un portrait malhonnête de le situation parce que cela déforme le sujet pour le faire paraître comme étant autre chose. Il utilise la prétendue victimisation des minorités, femmes, developpeurs comme bouclier pour cacher la tentative de faire taire un curateur de Steam.

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私 は チャットGPTの会話 で どんな 人造人間の方言 を 学びます か ?

人造 = jinrou (じんぞう)

人間 = ningen (にんげん)

方言 = hougen (ほうげん)


En plus, un employé de Sweet Baby Inc. Chris Kindred a essayé de faire taire un curateur de Steam (Sweet Baby detected) avec son armée personnelle pour déposer des rapports.



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I don't think anyone would be concerned about female, black, homosexual, Kirby, etc lead characters if the vocal proponents of "diversity" weren't massive bullies (cancel culture, media megaphoning). So the gimmick about "diversity", "inclusion", "innovation" appears more as a trojan horse for control over and propagandization of entertainment media.

Aujourd'hui l'effet Streisand s'est propagé à mon secteur de la toile concernant une firme de consultants en récits de jeux video.

Le CEO de Sweet Baby Inc Kim Belair a demandé des employés «terrifier» compagne de jeux video si «ils ne donnent pas que vous voulez»

titre original: Sweet Baby Inc. CEO Kim Belair Speech Urged Employees To “Terrify” Video Game Companies If They “Don’t Give You What They Want”


il y a un erreur en le titre original qui cite un video "Now You See Me - Representation as Innovation" @ 25:30

Go have a coffee with your marketing team, and just terrify them with the possibility of what's going to happen if they don't give you what you want.
Kim Belair at Game Developer Conference (GDC), 2021, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfMsxjWgUbI

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When I first played #nioh I didn't have a build for the character, but what I am doing now sort of resembles a strategy. Since playing NG+, I stopped worrying about damage output and started unlocking Ninjutsu and Onmyo magic.

My main weapon is the kusarigama, but I will carry a secondary weapon like an axe or an odachi. With +break values considered, the kusarigama has a harder time breaking guards than axes or odachis.

I generally use the following:

  • the kusarigama skill Reaper
  • a kusarigama with innate Earth damage
    • +% Ki Damage (Muddy)
    • +% Status Ailment Augmentation (Muddy)
    • +% Skill Ki Damage
    • +% Skill Ki Reduction
  • Sloth Talisman, to slow down the target

With this, I could, for example, stunlock Hundred Eyes.


My Stupid Build vs Hundred Eyes (Nioh) [NG+]

Unlike other games, I couldn't reliably record Nioh. I fooled around until I could get a passable recording. This is my Ki Damage loadout...

Embedded video:

My Stupid Build vs Hundred Eyes (Nioh) [NG+]

In #nioh I noticed after level 216, the player gains per level up +4 Samurai points (points that can be allocated to learning new weapon skills). In this screenshot, I preview changes before committing to them. Ordinarily, investing 6 points into Magic wouldn't yield any Samurai points, but for levels 216 to 222, level-ups now yield +24 Samurai points.

I spent a large amount of points into boosting the stat Skill (= 81) just to get weapon abilities. Doing so now seems silly as I could spend points into any stat just to get 4 points.

I don't think I will respec. It's annoying to re-unlock weapon abilities, and my character is doing fine on NG+.

I played through Nioh's DLC and replayed a few specific missions to collect some achievements. It's a bit of a shame that the achievements pop after the mission and during a loading screen. So the screenshots I take of the achievement popping are mostly black screens.

Two missions I did for achievements:

  • The Siege of Osaka (Winter) for Tonfa Triumph
  • Ganryu for Master of the Twin Sticks

(I also put on a Kelley disguise for fun.)

I had an easier time playing the former solo than co-op. The boss was tricky, but I managed.

The latter mission was without environmental hazards to navigate through. The boss wields an odachi; therefore, the fight was straightforward. I mainly had to inflict Ki damage and keep it suppressed.


Renowned criminology professor who 'proved' systemic racism fired for faking data, studies retracted

A renowned criminology professor who "proved" that racism is systemic in America’s law enforcement and American society has been fired for faking data and his studies have now been retracted.

(Eric) Stewart, who was a vice president and fellow at the American Society of Criminology, which honored him as one of four highly distinguished criminologists in 2017, was fired after nearly 2 decades of his data was found to have “false results”


According, the fired professor makes bold claims about the intent of a group of people. When the substance of the claim is transposed to a question, it is also becomes an incriminating question ("Have you stopped beating your wife?").

  • "Why do white people want harsher sentences for blacks and latinos?"
  • "Why do you, if you are a white person, want harsher sentences for blacks and latinos?"

These derivations aren't his direct doing but comes with the discourse from whoever cites him or "systemic racism" e.g activists, journalists, online hecklers.

The list of bold claims from the professor:

which included information used in his study in which he claimed that the history of lynchings made whites perceive blacks are criminals and that the issue was more prevalent among those who are politically conservative.
Stewart's studies in which he claimed that whites wanted longer sentences for Latinos and blacks had to be retracted. Stewart stated in the work “…that this effect will be greater among whites… where socioeconomic disadvantage and political conservatism are greater.”
A 2018 study which has now also been retracted suggested that because white Americans perceive Latinos and blacks as “criminal threats,” that perception could lead to “state-sponsored social control.”
Stewart claimed in a 2015 study which has now been retracted that Americans desired harsher sentences for Latinos because their numbers were increasing and they were becoming more successful economically.

Unfortunately, journalists can not stop using anchor tags like idiots. The links highlighted as the 2015 and 2018 study are different pages for the same paper.

The Social Context of Criminal Threat, Victim Race, and Punitive Black and Latino Sentiment, https://www.jstor.org/stable/26990987

Social Problems, Volume 66, Issue 2, May 2019, Pages 194–221


The National Review reports that the New York Times can't confirm the sexual assault of women by Hamas following the October 7th attack in Gaza, as accused by Israel.

Members of the New York Times staff are divided over the legitimacy of a bombshell investigation into Hamas’s use of sexual violence on October 7, the Intercept reports. The investigation, published by the Times in December


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[Review] Nioh

Antares prepares to die in Japan. Picks a kusarigama and odachi for a samurai adventure in 1600 and plays jolly co-op. (Review of a Dark Souls inspired action game.)

Sakeru Gum series さけるグミ 1-11 complete (Eng SUB) #jp


Can't forget ながい ("nagai") = long

I can make out a few words in the audio but not the whole sentence. Also Chie-chan writes the following on the parcel after "Long Man" arrives.

少し おかん あります か

sukoshi ojikan arimasu ka?

[little bit] [o = prefix][hour interval] [to be] [ka = question indicator]?



しり = buttocks

照るてる = to shine

(The Mortuary Assistant) #jp

Tome the blacksmith girl of #nioh is the NPC I interact with the most (as the case for every player). She sometimes says something that is subtitled as,

"What sort of swords do they have in your land?"

The protagonist William is nicknamed Anjin by most Japanese NPCs. In the audio, "Anjin" can be heard in the beginning of the sentence.

"anjin no kuni ni wa don'na katana ga aru no"

  • anjin no kuni = Anjin's country
  • ni = from
  • wa
  • don'na = what kind, what sort, what
  • katana ga
  • aru = to be, to exist
  • no = question indicator (feminine)



J'ai vaincu une ogresse (l'espirit d'une morte) qui pleurait des larmes de sang qui deviennient les lilies araignées rouges (彼岸花ひがんばな).

#fr #jp

I defeated an ogress (the spirit of a dead woman) who cries tears of blood that become red spider lillies.


Je prefere le kusarigama et le odachi dans le jeu Nioh. Il n'y pas un attribut partagé pour les deux armes, donc mon construction de personnage pourrait être non-optimal. Mais je les aime trop pour changer.


I prefer the kusarigama and the odachi in Nioh. There is no shared attribute between both weapons, so my character build could be nonoptimal. I like them too much to change though.

Les attributs pour le odachi

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Heart

Les attributs pour le kusarigama

  • Dexterity
  • Skill
  • Body