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[Review] Nioh

Antares prepares to die in Japan. Picks a kusarigama and odachi for a samurai adventure in 1600 and plays jolly co-op. (Review of a Dark Souls inspired action game.)


Listless anime boy kills people with a scythe and takes their souls.


You (can) involve him in awkward moments for your own amusement; he probably falls in love with you.



[Review] A Date with Death

Antares doesn't go on real dates with an albino anime boy claiming to be the grim reaper but at least shitposts at him over VC. (Review of a chatsim visual novel.)



[Review] Sakuna of Rice and Ruin

Antares forces a princess of child-like stature to toil in manual labor and sets the language of her complaints to Japanese. (Review of a hybrid farming sim and platformer.)

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Steel Path, Archon Killer Equinox (2-4 Forma)

Antares plays a warframe no one likes, doesn't use the mod Overextended, and takes her to Steel Path, Arbitration, and Archon Hunts. (Builds for Equinox.)

This girl wants 1 million followers by the end of one month. Also she's crazy. #__blog__


[Review] Needy Streamer Overload

Antares tries to be a good boyfriend for a chronically online streamer, gives up and ends up bullying her after the first playthrough. (Review of a denpa themed visual novel.)