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A real human bean. Video game enthusiast. Haunted by strange dreams on a regular basis and doesn't afraid of the command line.

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23 May 29 (#37)

I'm aware that some writers entitle themselves authoritatively as "thought leaders", and that corporations anticipate using AI to generate massive amounts of writings.

(Considering the consequences of AI thought leaders.)

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23 May 27 (#36)

I came across a blog post:

I was reminded of how I wanted my writing to show up under certain keywords in a search engine index.

I learned for the first edits it didn't because I wrote "(keyword)" on the heading but not in the paragraph. Therefore, I added a sentence just to use the keyword in the paragraph.

Then I sat back, re-read what I wrote, and couldn't help but think I made my writing more robotic and less human. Because a human looking at the page would infer the purpose of the section by the heading. The extra sentence in the paragraph was, if I wasn't writing for a machine to add onto an index, unnecessary.

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23 May 11 (#26)

I think there are too many consecutive posts about dreams. So I'll post about a game I didn't beat as a child.

I remember trying to cross a river without having to pay $5 and failing, and getting my character killed because a bullet richocheted back off a rock or tree in the hunting mini-game.

I find the game much easier to beat now. What's still hard is not to have an NPC die to dysentery or snakebites.