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Video game player and free software supporter.

I upload videos on to PeerTube/HardLimit and dump general shitposts at SPC/pleroma.

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Header Warframe: The New War Review
Wed Sep 14 2022
A review of a questline in an online game.
Header To Autohop or Not: A Comparison Within Arena Shooters
Thu Sep 1 2022
Explaining why things are as is in a rarely played, rarely understood niche within first-person shooters.
Header In Memory of a Xonotic Server
Wed Aug 31 2022
Memorial page for a Xonotic server I used to host.
Header Path of Exile: A Girl and Her Skeleton Army
Sun Jul 10 2022
A playthrough of the Witch in Path of Exile.
Sat Feb 12 2022
I got the bad ending.